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The Buzz - October 26, 2020

Welcome to in October 2020 !

  Getting closer to the spooktacular ..halloween. Here is a fine video with some cool orange lighting at
Pizza & Елена Темникова - По краям Вечерний Ургант. 16.10.2020, and just as reflective in musical tone: Monatik & Тина Кароль - Сильная женщина [Mood video] , and one more duet; these two grew up in the same city, here is Макс Барских и Миша Романова - Любовь, не умирай (Премьера Трека). Thought it was okay to link a review of the Ukr independence day show a 15+ minute spectacular where the music starts 2 minutes in at праздничный концерт на День Независимости, and one more with Onuka - Ceanc.

  We have a new music video from Despina Vandi, it reminds me of her early solo music with Despina Vandi - Ena Tsigaro Diadromi, something a bit more edgy with UPSAHL - MoneyOnMyMind, and earlier this month we linked to a video for Clean Bandit with Mabel, which unofficially is my favorite music video of 2020, now here is one of Mables solo videos at Mabel - Don't Call Me Up, alternately you can scroll down for the other link.!. Coming from the usa, here is a new music video with Sasha Sloan - Matter To You, and we are going to review a few french vids, starting with a good song that is hard to turn away from with Amel Bent x Imen Es - Jusqu'au bout, a bit of cultural angst with Wejdene - Anissa, and you will hear some familiar lyrics..but this is an interesting yet different kind of song with L.E.J - Summer 2020.

  And how about something pretty and cool from South Korea, here is the first of three Kpop artists - with a fantastic video concept and right now my second best music video of 2020, here is Lee Suhyun - ALIEN, and another with this with a nice chorus and an enormous 200 million views for Blackpink – Lovesick Girls, and from late June 2020 here is a fun to watch video with some latin influenced music in Hwasa - Maria.

  Hope you enjoy our postings as we 'take a tour' of the world of music. It's interesting to get beyond the borders and travel to far away lands to see awesome video and hear great music. Thank you, world!

  As announced, Nyusha released her new album Solaris Es on October 16th, and there is a 'mood' video through the album if you watch at Nyusha / Solaris Es premiere, Ani Lorak has a new song in October with Ани Лорак - Страдаем и любим (Official Lyric Video), earlier this month we have a new video for Paty Cantu - Conocerte, an interesting video with Ozuna x Doja Cat x Sia - Del Mar, don't be afraid to turn up the volume for a sweet journey with Lele Pons & Guaynaa - Se Te Nota, going back to July of this year for EMIN - МММ, some autumn color in the landscape with АНЯ POKROV - Парень из села, let's get a little bit crazy with Karna.val - Психушка, and we end the first paragraph with one - you either like it or hate it - , apparently, here is (18+) Элджей & MORGENSHTERN - Lollipop .

  Going back to see what some of our favorite groups have been up to, IOWA - Потанцуй со мной, this one has more of an intro, and slowly builds into the album track off their latest album is Винтаж - Из Токио, Lobodas' birthday was in October 18th (Happy Birthday Svetlana!) and it's always fun to watch Svetlana Loboda - Be My Valentine (Anti-Crisis Girl) Live 2009, Макс Барских - Армагеддон mood video, I'm not a huge fan, but it's cool to hear Dima sing in english a little, believe with Дима Билан - Dreams (Lyric video), off to the races for DJ SMASH - БЕГИ feat. Poёt, a nice rhythm, whether you call it reggae or ...good video too with PIZZA - Улыбка, and literally bringing down the curtain on our second paragraph with THE HARDKISS feat. MONATIK - Кобра,

  There may be a video in the works for this, Максим Фадеев · Юлианна Караулова - Тем, кто рядом, a nice ambient sound with some interesting video for Ольга Бузова - Орбит без сахара, some more ambience with Lali - Lo Que Tengo Yo, and continuing on with Jason Derulo - Take You Dancing.

oct 15
  Is it 'just me' or did anyone notice all the new material coming out in October! Now this is cool, just follow me, can't remember all the details but we are traveling through the americas and europe via those the magic of the 21st century ! I had forgotten this link in the last posting, from almost 1 year ago here is Kate Ryan - Wild Eyes, and cruising into October 2020 with Two Feet - Think I’m Crazy, no relation to the website tictoc, a fantastic song with Clean Bandit and Mabel - Tick Tock (feat. 24kGoldn), back into September for a catchy number by the Jennifer Lopez, Maluma - Pa Ti , back into October and zooming off to Sweden for Zara Larsson - WOW (Remix - Official Music Video) ft. Sabrina Carpenter, oh hell, at this point, just let it roll on down to Cher Lloyd - One Drink Away, and this is just sensational music and video - Isabela Merced, Danna Paola - Don't Go.

  Just take a moment to breathe, and some reflection with Aitana, Sebastian Yatra - Corazon Sin Vida, pressing your intellect a touch with Tokio Hotel - Durch den Monsun, and then off to Argentina for TINI - Duele ft. John C, and boom right back across the pond for the birthday boy,, Happy Birthday Schiller! or his real name is Christopher von Deylen: "Heaven Can Wait", just 'up the road' for a taste of Romania...hey, seems as though there's a birthday girl ...more on that down a couple of paragraphs, for now here is The Motans - Astrologic Vorbind, it's a little too early for those white flecks floating in the air, no this isn't that birthday girl, but really a nice song with MIRA - Zero Absolut, title track to their new album in 2021 here is London Grammar - Californian Soil, and wow, we got this far into our musical interlude, here is some fine violin work and a nice earthy set and costumes in Lindsey Stirling - Til The Light Goes Out.

  Let's get back to August for this next one, Маша Гойя - Хорошая, fresh off the press here is a new audio track with Регина Тодоренко и Влад Топалов - Часовые пояса, sure everyone is fine and dandy.. until you cough in a crowd ... Артур Пирожков - Перетанцуй меня, Anya, so good to see you - Анна Семенович - Мани бой, probably one of the best 'short films' of a music video - and very good - Егор Крид - Девочка с картинки, and we finish this paragraph with the audio for his new album this is Макс Барских - 1990 (альбом 2020).

  Alright, October 15th is the birthday of Christopher Von Deylen . Happy Birthday Christopher! we already said that! Schiller music has a special place in my heart: years ago he sent me a friend request on social media, and we accepted. You know,,,like you get hundreds of requests, but this guy really has great music. It was most likely a promotional invitation, not directed at me personally, but we absolutely appreciated the effort, and thank you for the great music ! This version was just uploaded to YouTube in June 2020, here is a cool, orchestrated version of SCHILLER: "Sonne" // Live // with Unheilig, the next song we haven't listened to in a long time, and it nearly made me feel emotional at the sound of that voice, that music, here is Schiller feat. Despina Vandi - Sunday, the whole two disc album is fabulous..what's up with Schiller - Sehnsucht, and i was reviewing tracks and we found this...the intro should be heard by every living soul in the USA right now The Future I + II. If you want more from Schiller, his new album Colors is out and you can see and hear more on the Schiller YouTube channel.

  We wish a sincere Happy Birthday Inna! There is an amazing 1 hour concert at Inna live at Neversea which will be listed on our video page in the very near future. It all started with Inna - Sun Is Up, people just kept sending me links, until we finally gave it a view...nice. A great album, and it is always fun to hear INNA - Diggy Down (feat. Marian Hill), my unfortunate neighbors should know this song by heart gets a little loud over here with Cola Song (featuring J Balvin), and her latest video release on YouTube is INNA x Farina - Read My Lips. Plenty more good times, head on over to Inna YouTube channel.

Oct 13th -
  No, there is no reason for us to wait until the 13th to update our page... we went through so much material in such a short time that it felt like we needed a break! So many things have happened this past week; but let the sun shine on! We begin with this delightful song from Savicheva, Юлия Савичева — Доктор Хаус, which is not on her new (2020) album Yulia Savicheva CLV, just a few short months ago we had a new audio from Yulianna Lukasheva - formerly of Blestyashchie 2008-2009 with Youlianna - Не в сети, and a new audio with Вера Брежнева - Sestra (Аудио). Misha Romanova, formerly of Via-Gra with Миша Романова - ТЫ, back into July 2020 for Minelli x INNA - Discoteka, and one more with Ольга Серябкина - Что же ты наделал (Премьера клипа, 2020)

  We have a new song with Tina Karol and Max Barskih which is not on her new album yet here is an audio at Макс Барских и Тина Кароль - Небо льёт дождём [Mood video], a fine summertime video with from her new album with Тина Кароль — Вабити, this one pops up just a few days ago with
Monatik & Тина Кароль - Сильная женщина [Mood video], and a link to the new album at Найти своих, and well, we can never get enough Tina Karol, so here is a recent live version of Tina Karol — Nayti svoih — Dancing with the Stars 2020.

  Of course we have been listening to live concert recordings on YouTube, and you can find links on our video page.I have watched many more, hence the break, and so far we haven't found the quality of material we want for some of the groups...darn, would love to see more on their official channels. But can't complain at all...

  Going back a few years, this is in fact one of my most favorite videos of the 21st century, directed by Alan Badoev here is Anita Tsoy / Анита Цой - Никотин, I love this one far more than it deserves but another Badoev directed video at Макс Барских — Моя любовь, how about a fun, summertime video with ROMANOVSKAYA - Папайя, a 'very cool' video with Kate Ryan - Runaway, and from Dec 2018 here is a trio of Kristina, Ksenia, and Silvia as Блестящие - "Чао, бамбино" remix (Марафон Муз-тв 22 часа в прямом эфире).

  Yes, we have added a new page...the "E" is now ecouter, where you can listen to several of my favorite albums via YouTube. The R will be our archive page. Right now there are only a few pages, so we will not start the archive until later this year.. ciao for now.



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