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  Air - (wikipedia link) and their video for Sexy Boy from their Moon Safari album. To this day, Pocket Symphony is one of my favorite ambient albums of all time.

  Алена Винницкая - (wikipedia) got her start with VIA-Gra. Her debut album Рассвет the title track video Рассвет and her third album Куклы are classic rock albums i love. Many fine music videos.

  Backstreet Boys - (wikipedia) the prolific 'boy band' whose hits never got old. But really their greatest hits CD or DVD are the best.. As Long As You Love Me

  Блестящие - (wikipedia) in the early 2000s were the sexiest all-girl group of all time. Great videos such as the quintessential Я все летала leave an enduring legacy.

  BWO - (wikipedia) short for Bodies Without Organs has many fine hits up until my favorite album of theirs, Big Science. Very entertaining with songs such as Rise To The Occasion .

  Despoina Vandi - (wikipedia) a beautiful gal with a distinct vocal. Her double album Geia is one of the best albums of the 21st century. Geia original

  E-Type - (wikipedia) Although most of his greatest hits were from the 90s, the 1999 GH is a wonderful collection of songs such as I Just Wanna Be With You

  Elena Risteska - (wikipedia) First caught Elenas song Ninanajna while previewing the 2006 Eurovision entries. She really stood out as one of the best. Her 192 album is one i still enjoy.

  Helena Paparizou - (wikipedia) My first album was The Game of Love, an english language album from 2006. It's amazing, with hits like Mambo and even better is her Protereotita album from 2005.

  Hooverphonic - (wikipedia) had just released a new album with a new vocalist, and we were captured by the classic sound ..such as the music video for One,Two,Three.

  Leslie - (wikipedia) had two fine albums - Je Suis At Je Restarai and Mes Couleurs that explore so many emotions. But also pop such as Sobri (Notre Destin) with Amine.

  Madonna - (wikipedia) has had such a prolific career that it would be impossible to leave her out of this list. She popped up with songs such as Music that just put the groove back on.

  Nelly Furtado - (wikipedia) and her album Loose provided the early century with some oomph, some energy and a style that phenominally encircled the globe. Say It Right .

  Нюша - (wikipedia) it took me some time to appreciate Nyusha, after we saw Где ты, там я it was such a wonderful time to discover her other videos are just as great.

  Paola e Chiara - (wikipedia) featured some fine vocals and harmonies that we found soothing and relaxing to listen to. Bellisimo. Vamos A Bailar .

  Serebro - (wikipedia) have possibly the best collection of music and video we have never seen. If only they would publish a collection. Song #1 .

  Тина Кароль - (wikipedia) really got my attention with the beautiful accoustic instrumetation in Ноченька, and a fine follow- up with her Люблю Его album. With 9 жизней , she became my favorite.

  ВИА Гра - (wikipedia) has produced so many of my favorite solo artists throught the years that it would be impossible to leave them off this list. Alyona, Anna, Vera , etc ... Stop Stop Stop

  Винтаж - (wikipedia) is amazing. Decamerone is ultimately one of the best ambience albums we ever heard.. Their music video for 2010s Роман is really cool.