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noun. Pronounced as klee-ver-bee ! Sometimes mis-pronounced as klea-verb .. no problem.

cleaverb origins
  The nickname 'cleaver' started way back in secondary school: Going to school with 5 other guys with the same name, so the other students would use our last names, in a sporting way. I arrived at the unique name "cleaverb" when applying for an MSN Hotmail account in 2000. As cleave and cleaver were already being used the MSN server suggested cleaverb. It became my psuedonym. My first online passion was playing games on the MSN Gaming Zone, MPlayer, Pogo, and later GameSpy.

cleaverb is...
  There have been those who would call me 'beaver' , in relation to the old, old, we are talking black and white, Leave It To Beaver TV show. My reply has always been, " I'm a Wally, not a Beaver !" Hah! Get your gender correct !

  I am a bicycle hobbyist, taking short trips daily. I enjoy classic television shows; sitcoms or science fiction. I enjoy movies from the 1990s, 2000s, and have a particular interest in classic Godzilla movies and music videos. I didn't grow up watching television, we played outside in those days.
Some of my favorite websites are wikipedia, window shopping on eBay, and .

cleaverb website
  The cleaverb website is an expanded version of a personal blog of my entertainment interests, and an opportunity to engage in one of my current hobbies; writing webpages. Yet we have the freedom to post other topics. My former website debuted in January, 2004 and the original debut in 2007.


You Tube channel

I enjoy listening to all genres of music. What I choose as my favorites is from taking the time to listen and experience the material. We are not paid to do this, and we are not making this stuff up. While you are reading this, I am probably listening to the music I talk about.

I also enjoy making webpages, as you can probably guess by now. It is not too complicated a hobby, and I like to keep in practice. These pages are written by me.