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The Buzz - November 16, 2020

Welcome to in November 2020 !

  Yes, it is unexpected. Each new day, we see that Joe Biden has won the election...again! We have a new video from Dima, man, we always say this guy is great. Would he make it in america? Nah, too many trolls out there. Here is that video with - Dreams, a fine rhythm in AStudio , and a more up-tempo rhythm with MONATIK&Lida Lee&NiNO - LOVE. This video has a 'first' ; first to be rolled out by a rolling pin - aren't you happy to be you and not - Melanie Martinez - The Bakery, always enjoy hearing new music this is a fine song with RAYE - Love Of Your Life,

  Okay, we encountered some technical difficulties this past week. Now we have corrected the faulty hardware on our home computer, and we shall unleash a mix of music from various locations spanning the globe. This is primarily the order in which we watched/liked/saved these tracks, starting with our first Malaysian group in a 'dandy' at DOLLA - Impikan, you will be wishing you had stayed with the diet and exercise routine when you hear this next one, all that fried chicken and fried 'tatoes' going hold up brah, yes it's pretty good - SECRET NUMBER - Got That Boom, chill out for a minute with some fine KAROL G, Simone & Simaria - La Vida Continuo, a soulful effort with beautiful summer feelings Maria Becerra x TINI x Lola Indigo - High Remix, there is plenty of beautiful art in ths video with Denise Rosenthal - Gira (El Mundo Gira), love to see a group this size in a picturesque setting, good song as well with Now United & R3HAB - One Love, just a good time with Refund Sisters - Don't Touch Me, and let the music roll for a few tracks, it's all good here - BLACKSWAN - Tonight?Goodbye RANIA, YEZI - Mimew, another great, artsy video that hasn't had much popularity - the song is catchy with Pink Fantasy - Shadow Play, and we close out this paragraph with a talented looking troupe of ((G)I-DLE) - DUMDi DUMDi.

  MMM, it's sounds pretty cool, until you try to create it. Not a bad effort for Alexa - Revolution, bet you had one...we all had one. She makes me smile, here is Natty - Teddy Bear.   World-class performer Inna, she has been doing a vlog-esque series of videos, the links for the first 5 videos are down the page, these are great and i highly recommend watching all of them. At least once... Dance Queen's House #6, Dance Queen's House #7, Dance Queen's House #8, Dance Queen's House #9, Dance Queen's House #10, Dance Queen's House #11, Dance Queen's House #12, Dance Queen's House #13,

  The US election is over and we have a new President! So, we are going to begin with some new, american music ! For many of these artists this is our first listening experience, here is a good song in Alesso x Charlotte Lawrence THE END, continuing on with JoJo - What U Need, and we should clarify that, 24kGoldn is american and not from Sweden as we once said Chelsea Collins - Water Run Dry (ft. 24kGoldn), . And the next selection is pretty good - with a name like beer this had better be good - LOL - it is - Madison Beer - Baby. A little smooth RnB with a cool video for Good Girl - Hot Ride, it's a fantastic feeling when you believe that 'summer never ends' here is Wolftyla Featuring Jay Park - Butterflies, some of these groups are so far obscure, yet this is a fine group we could see in the future Boys World - Girlfriends.

  We have been searching for boy-bands, here is one with INKI - - , the fresh this week music video with , - , , and new this week we have two audio tracks from YouLianna aka Yulianna Lukasheva with a fine vocal performance in and a slightly better song- i don't know, you be the judge - .

  Inna - locked up in a house for 3 weeks with some fellow musicians and support. Hmm. Here is part 1: Inchisa intr-o casa cu prietenii mei pentru 3 saptamani (turul casei) | Dance Queen's House #1, Seriously, this is the second of the series, and WOW! we have never seen her this candid, it's beautiful. Don't blame me if you fall in love all over again - here is Inna in Cate operatii estetice am? | Dance Queen House #2,
I rode my skateboard in Las Fierbinti | Dance Queen's House #3,
Hot photoshooting / Music session and fun - Dance Queens House #4 ,
and Am cazut in piscina - Dance Queens House #5.

  Got a few more links, so this a mix of languages and musical styles, starting with Danna Paola, Luisa Sonza, Aitana - Friend De Semana , a good video with MAMAMOO - AYA, turn it up and join the party with A.C.E - Goblin (Favorite Boys), and this is some great ambience music with a fine troupe, Weki Meki - COOL. She decided she wanted to dance, so this first one cuts to the music - Astrid S - Dance Dance Dance (Alternative video), and this is the same song with 2 minutes of conversation in Norwegian , a nice banter - Astrid S - Dance Dance Dance (Official Music Video). and Danna again...this is a great music video with the combination of Mexican, Chilean, and Spanish performers in Lola Indigo, Danna Paola, Denise Rosenthal - Santeria, and we finish with the Brazilian Anitta - Me Gusta (Feat. Cardi B & Myke Towers). Ahh, so colorful! Thank you for taking the time to visit us, and have a great day!

Nov04th -
  We are...well..we are hopping and skipping through these historical times. Hope you are doing okay. The music keeps rolling, a constant reminder that there is more to our life than just seeing each day .
We have a new audio single for the beautiful Erika, here is - , going back to mid-September for Emin - Fatima, and a few days ago we received a link for this NYUSHA - . . .. We have a new song for Inna with Henri Purnell x INNA x Nobody Cares - Pretty Thoughts, and we get news that Inna has been locked up-in-a-house-with-her-friends, to make music.Sweet! Here is a post at 3weeks. We have been looking around for some Swedish pop that we could relate to, best we could find is for 24kGoldn - Mood (Official Video) ft. iann dior, an interesting song from Colombia with Karol G - Bichota, love to hear this style of music with the trio of Thalia, Farina, Sofia Reyes - TICK TOCK, is it too early for Christmas music - it may be too early for thinking about snow yet it's a reality for many, Sia - Snowman.

  Alright, so we have stated that this song is very high on my favorites list, this is a short version with dancers, and it's really cool. Again, here is Lee Suhyun - Alien Dance Practice, a fine assembly of talent from Japan with NiziU - Make you happy, and follow that with Twice - "I Can't Stop Me", and some seriously good k-pop,the kind that seems to be missing from 'new' music with Tomorrow X Together - blue hour, a song with a bit more edge in Moon Byul - Eclipse, going retro sound, this guy has been making music for quite some time, here is Toshinobu Kubota - Boogie Ride, and this isn't for everyone, but has a moody nice feeling for Masaki Suda x Tomoya Nakamura "Thank You Kamisama".

  It's too late. Hallowe'en is over; we had planned a spook show featuring a few great videos from our favorite Rus/Ukr artists, and then our plans went flat and we ran out of energy. We hope to fix this inconsistency soon. Here is that feature: scary clown in - , back seat driving (?) with Loboda - ׸ , that impending feeling of uh, not getting enough rest, maybe (?) in Serebro , malacious intent with - , is it spooky, or is it just me - yet we love the song - 404, a smooth-groove with Hooverphonic - Badaboum, the ever frightening concept of losing your wings with - , and the masterful conclusion , wait for the ending in - . Happy Halloween!

  And of course, a belated Happy Birthday to Malin Berggren formerly of Ace Of Base . Linn didn't want to be a singer- she just liked to sing. Fabulous song with Ace of Base - Unspeakable. It has been a few years since we mentioned AOB, but it was absolutely fun to explore their hits, thank you for the music!


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