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We are celebrating Twenty Years of Blestyashchie
Here is our playlist of recent songs: Blest 10 at YouTube.


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The Buzz - October 6, 2015

Welcome to in October 2015 !
  This day brings a refreshing new video: Olya Orlova - Ptitsa .
(This entry has been re-written. The original will posted to our blog...with explanation. Now, back to entertainment!)
  Someone has posted some videos to YouTube under the account BlestGroup. Can you tell who is singing this ? Check out Blestyashchie - Steklanaya Lyubov, the song was released on their Za Chetyre Morya album of 2002. There are more new videos on the BlestGroup YouTube channel.
  And we have one more Blest related topic, here is a 19 minute video of Julia Kovalchuk performing at the Muz-tv PartyZone Julia Kovalchuk October 4th live. According to the program guide, Julia K. will be performing with Alexi Chumakov at New Wave (Novaya Bolna) 2015 on October 7th.
The performers for October 6th at New Wave include Valerie Meladze and VIA-Gra.

  We would like to wish a Happy Birthday to Tereza Kerndlová !
Some of Tereza's hits include the songs/videos : Holka Jako Já, Schody Z Nebe, and Tepe Srdce Mý.
A couple of live videos from 2015 at: Anděl (Supermiss 2014 21-03-2015), Havířov - 21.6.2015 - Schody z nebe, and this one appears to be a phone video, not great quality but gives you the 'audience perspective' in Tereza Kerndlová live.

oct04  We are seeing more new music this week;
Stoja has a new single but we do not have any audio/video to share right now...
here is a new song for Zeljko Joksimovich with Zeljko - Zvedzda.
In other news, Katya Lyel is making a video for her 2015 single Gamma-Beta teaser,
and Vremya & Steklo have Imya 505, making of for their Vremya & Steklo - Imya 505. Fascinating video, my favorite of 2015.
  And if you asked me, "Pick one of your favorites to see in concert. Who do you choose ?"
It would be Alyona , but it would have to be a show in the Ukraine. Here is a recent interview clip of Alyona with Probki.
She may not have lived up to everyone elses expectations, but listen to the music in the background. Truly a great band !

  Good videos from New Wave 2015 day 1; Iowa - Marshrutka new wave and Ani Lorak - Osennya Lyubov new wave.
And on day 2 we have ; Kristina Orbakaite - Tuchi v Golubom and Ani Lorak performs a duet with Eros Ramazzotti in
Ani & Eros - Piu Che Puoi new wave.

  Exactly 10 years ago today, on October 4th, 2005 there was an official release party for Zhanna Friskes album Zhanna.
Featuring her best charting single Gde-to Letom, and there isn't a bad song on the album.
Also re-released in 2006 with the song Mama Maria added.
The album ranks as our #8 of our best albums of 2000-2010 , and those results are final for that decade.
Here are a few Zhanna Friske links:
They are still posting pictures, and remembering the vibrant Zhanna on her Zhanna Friske VK,
you can read about Zhannas life and career on the english language version of wikipedia at Jeanna Friske,
the plea from Zhanna Friske fans "Zhanna live,Zhanna dance" video on YouTube at fan video,
the straight-forward news of Zhannas passing away in english from,
or you can leave a mesage in her memory on her Official website.
Zhannas YouTube channel at Friske Press Center,
It has been 8 years ago, but cleaverb made a slideshow of Zhanna photos which can still be seen at
cleaverbs' Zhanna Friske - Tii Ne Zakrivai Svoyo Serdse slideshow. Over 820,000 views !
And don't forget we have a biography page for her on site with Zhanna Friske on
I wasn't a close friend of Zhannas, I wasn't her biggest fan, and we sincerely wish she was still alive today...
Truth be told, she had a rare and incurable form of cancer. Tragic for a woman only 40 years of age.
Her suffering is over. Let us remember and celebrate the good times Zhanna shared/ brought to this world. R.I.P.

oct02   Oh boy. This month is 'loaded' with events. Let us finish up our September news, and then we'll tell you all we know...
Albina Dzhanabaevas new single Odin na Odin enjoys a great opening week, and Albina has started to make a music video for the track. I struggle with how to say this, and we mean no disrespect to the current VIA-Gra members -
but doesn't Albinas voice take you back to the 'good ol' days' ! Love you babe(s), and keep the music coming.
  Also enjoying a new single this week is Elena Temnikova Lena featuring Natan - Naverno, we have seen pictures of a video shoot, no video yet, and we found this track on YouTube though not official IOWA - Byot Beet audio, and they will be making a video as shown in this IOWA - Byot Bit teaser video. The video is to be released October 7th.
  Live videos this week include Loboda - Pora Domoi live at Miss Ukraine 2015, a Kristina Orbakaite concert highlight,
and Tina Karol in Prague. We have seen recent photos of Elena Risteska performing, but we have not found any audio/video.

  October 1st was the release date for the new Vintazh album Live 1.0 , which is live tracks except for a couple of recent hits, such as Vintazh - Dishi and Vintazh M.E.G. and N.E.R.A.K - Ya Vero v Lyubov.
They started making a music video for Ya Vero v Lyubov on October 1st. You can find more about the album and the groups activities at Vintazh VK page.
  October 2nd is the opening day of New Wave 2015, the annual event is being held in Sochi this year. We always find a good video or two from the event, see their official website at Novaya Bolna 2015.

  Do you like sexy women ? (If you are reading this, you do....) It's time for the 2015 version of Maxims 100 sexiest women ! See the contestants, place your votes at
  And more October events, these are album release dates:
Da Buzz will release a remix album for Summer that will be available October 8th,
Serebro will release their new album 925 on October 15th . The album is expected to contain the 7 singles since their last album (Mama Lover) of 2012, and more.
And Inna will release her new album on October 16th . October 16th is also Inna's birthday ! Of course the album was released in Japan earlier than this world-wide release, but we have heard from Inna herself that some new songs or remixes have been added to this album, hence the delay (was to be released in September).

  We just noticed that Ani Lorak uploaded a few videos the past few days, enjoy the music videos for Ani Lorak - Sprosi, and Ani Lorak - Dlya Tebya from the Ani Lorak YouTube page.



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