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Updated August 2015: a few changes in our
'best albums of 2010-2020'

Check out our updated
Stars page - the 'Best of 2015'.


We are celebrating Twenty Years of Blestyashchie
Here is our playlist of recent songs: Blest 10 at YouTube.


We have added an index to our Tribute pages.


This page is completely created by cleaverb !


The Buzz - August 29, 2015

Welcome to in August 2015 !
We hope you are having a wonderful summer!
  We are in unanimous agreement, that Julia Kovalchuk is joining our Favorite Artists !
It's going to take some time, and research to get a proper biography for Julia, but she belongs on that page.
We will link to our current page , and then add the new material into that page.
We have chosen to move Leslie into our tribute pages section, as she has not been active. We could have replaced Hooverphonic due to their recent move to part ways with Noemie Wolfs, yet as far as we know they are still an active group.
  Okay, with that bit of info being relayed, we have a few goodies to share:
it was a couple of months ago, but we have not linked to Vera Brezhneva - Mamochka,
here is the audio version of Blestyaschie - Ne Otdavai Menya Nikomu,
Olga Orlovas new single is doing pretty well on the music charts, here is the audio for Olga Orlova - Ptitsa,
we looked to see if we have ever linked to this video and we can't find one, so here is Julia Kovalchuk - V Dim,
and finally 1 full hour of Loboda live in Kiev.
Have you been to the MUSICBOX 2015, check it out. You will see a lot of familiar names there....
we shall see you in September. We will leave you with our review of Julia Kovalchuk / JK2015 on our blog.

aug24 We have a few new video links, starting with Anna Sedokova - Poka, Milli!,
Kirill Slepuha feat. Ani Lorak - Don't Give Up,
a cool video montage of Anastasia Kozhevnikova, Via-Gra - Milaya,
a video of Loboda live August 15th, Loboda will have a new song Chut-Chut,
just uploaded the 24th we have Tina Karol 'live' Tse Tii! concert clip,
Anna Semenovich 'live' with Ya Za Toboi,
Julia Kovalchuk and Aleksi Chumakov live with V Zametki,
.....(these next few videos are not 'official' so they may be gone , hurry and catch them now!) .....
Helena Paparizou live with Die For You and Girl Power Medley,
Kate Ryan has a 40 second montage and 11 minutes of concert La Coruna
and how about some E-type live with This is The Way.
As mentioned, Inna will have a new album out this year, in September.
Medina will have a new album titled Always and apparently one song will be By Your Side.
  This morning there was a fun video of Blestyashchie - Ksenia,Marina, and Nadya - having some fun on Marinas' VK page.
More VK: Olga Orlova has several new posts, Julia Kovalchuk has been active, Yuliana Lukasheva enjoys a vacation,
Ksenia has posted a 'casting call' , and many more interesting things can be found on the Blestyashchie VK page !
You can also find dozens of photos of Janna Friske on her VK page.
  We are also seeing plenty of activity from many of our other favorite artists, you can find links to a few on our links page.

aug10 cleaverb is has been very busy at work, so we haven't been able to spend very much time with our language studies.
Yet our music tastes have not changed, we have taken some time to revisit our classic favorites these past few months...
Within the last few months we have seen many pictures of Blest performing via their VK pages.
You can also hear Blestyashchies' new song Не отдавай меня никому on their page.

Julia Kovalchuk has released a fine debut album JK2015 , Olga Orlova has a new single titled Ptitsa,
and in June 2015 Anastacia Osipova left the group Blestyashchie.
She has been replaced by Natalia Asmolova, who is not an official member of the group at this time.
And the most tragic news: Janna Friske passed away in June 2015.
Our condolences to the family, as the world has lost a kind and talented person.

We did want to share a few links:
The video for Yulia Savicheva - Prosti,
Kate Ryan - Runaway,
El Nino ft. Tereza Kerndlová - Nejsme To My,
and here is Elena Risteska with Regina - Ljubav nije za nas .

If you have the time, Julia Kovalchuks' album JK2015 is definitely worth a listen,
and Vera Brezhneva's new album (May 2015) Ververa is pretty good too!

We have updated a few pages to include the new material for our Blest soloists.
Innas' new album will be released world-wide in September 2015 !




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