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The Buzz - January 27,2015

Welcome to in January 2015 !
It seems as if February is right around the corner, our January has gone quickly!
We are past the holiday season, and it seems like at this time of year many of our favorites take a vacation; somewhere warm! For us, some of the warmest memories are from ESC performances, but i thought we could mix in some other hit songs to make a playlist share here. Hold on, we did see a new,funny video from Elena Risteska at Eden na Eden,
or if you like Ace of Base videos, they have just uploaded several of their classic music videos to their YouTube account.
There is nothing 'new' in this list, and we have to warn you that these are not all from official channels, so they are subject to being unavailable.. but we hate disclaimers - get on with the music!
Through out the last year, we have really enjoyed hearing/watching:
Via-Gra - Antegeisha, Ani Lorak - Shady Lady live,
Kalomira - Secret Combination live, Toshe Proeski - Life live,
Loboda - Anticrisis Girl live, Helena Paparizou - My Number One live,
BWO - Rise To The Occasion, Tina Karol - Show Me Your Love live.
There are a few birthdays in late January, and we just covered Toshe and Tina (Jan 25th), and Helena and Kalomira (Jan31st). Happy Birthday folks!
The Eurovision Song Contest will be in Vienna Austria, with the semi-finals on May 19th and 21st, with the final on May 23rd.

We are starting with a couple of live videos: Ani Lorak live at Novaya Bolna 2014 with Medlenno,
and Vera Brezhneva live Goluboi Ogonek with Dobroe Utro.
We wanted to 'flashback' to 2012 for a few great songs, starting with:
Hooverphonic - One Two Three, Alexandra Joner ft. Madcon - Sunrise, Crush & Alexandra ft. Leslie - I Need You More,
and IOWA - Ulibuysiya.
The single Ulibuysiya was the best selling song on the digital charts in russia for early 2014 . Smile.
  We are very much enjoying the album Harvest from Iowa, their latest single will be Odno e Ti Zhe teaser #4, which would be their 9th single from the album. Since there are 12 tracks and two of them are remixes, hopefully they will come back with another album. And then we will see how good they can be. Iowa does have a great sound that would be good live in concert. I mean, you know how many a great studio track sounds awesome and then the artist tries to perform it live..and the results can be disappointing. Harvest is a fun listen, not too complicated, not too heavy, and it seems to get better with each song. And those two remixes at the end, they are super ! I am not going to compare them to anyone, but the energy this album provides reminds me of Scissor Sisters and their debut back in 2004.

Tina Karol just announced the Tina Karol North American tour 2015, with 3 dates in different locations, was it NY, Philly, and Toronto? You can check her Official site , probably give them a few weeks to get everything sorted out before they have updates. You can already reserve tickets.
Seeing as we provided a link to a via-gra documentary last time, here is Blest Moya Pravda from 2012. Wish we had more news from them, but we are betting they are off on some tropical location, soaking up those rays...

We have a very serene, live video from Chambao at Desconocido (16 BS Festival Mil·lenni), Via-Gra live with Peremeriya at anatomnia goda, and if you have the time, there is a 1 hour program on Via-Gra 10 Let zavisimosti.
Also, while we are speaking of Via-Gra, Nadezhda gave us a link for her official website at

There is a short, interesting video of photo morphing which features pictures of Janna Friske, from late last year we have a video for the catchy song from the group I.O.W.A. - Marshrutka, there was an article written in english about the new single from Taryn Manning which gives a link to soundcloud: Bynon & Taryn Manning - All The Way by Sirup Music, the song will be out this month. Amazon lists it as release date of January 25th..stay tuned....
and DaBuzz have been in the studio, recording, and they hope to have some new songs in 2015!
Here is Da Buzz with Bring Back The Summer from September 2014..


We have a few live shows today, and we are starting with Tina Karol - Mir Bez Lyubimovo, she says, "New album in 2015" ,
Niko Beridze & Sopho Khalvashi - imgere rame, Kristina Orbakaite with Moskovskaya Ocen,
or if you want something a little 'hotter', try this from 2013 , Tatiana Kotova with Hop Hop .

Have you been following the career of Elena Temnikova ? We were surprised to see her #1 on the Sexiest Women of 2014 which you can see at . If you have a VK account, you can listen to a few of her songs there,and we have provided some other 'Lena' links in the right column of this page. She apparently doesn't have an official website yet, is a 'fansite' .

Back on January 2nd Sopho Khalvashi started giving us YouTube links to several videos of her performances:
here she is with the Stevie Wonder classic - Isn't She Lovely and here accompanied by a band - Your Dream.
If you go to the account which uploaded those 2 vids, you will find more Sopho videos in Georgian language.

Have you ever heard of Toše Proeski, the performer who represented Macedonia at ESC 2004 with his song Life ?
That was our first Eurovision Song Contest, so it was quite a memorable time . (We streamed it live via the internet!)
Here is a link to a brief video which shows some of the exhibits which can be seen at the Toše Proeski Museum;
the video is in English - Europes Greatest Singer Tose Proeski .

jan01  Happy New Year !!
Let us begin with a 9 second S Noviy Godom 2015 from VIA Gra, and Anna Sedokova says S Noviy Godom!.
  The year 2014 ended with a bang, as we had oh - a dozen new songs of note. We were looking through our archive pages, and somehow these singles from 'late 2014' have not been mentioned on
Loboda - Nenuzhna , Elena Temnikova - Zavisimost . That is quite a turnaround for Elena, the former soloist in Serebro, going right into her solo career. Good song, though. Ohhh, we need to update our Serebro biography !
We would like to think that our soloist biographies have been updated through 2014. Now on some of those pages you may not see anything new, which means that we found no new activity for those performers. Yet our favorite artists pages may be missing links to new videos, or mention recent singles. Sometimes, we like to keep an 'historic' biography on an artists page, far beyond its ability to represent the complete story of their career; it's a personal preference.

Hey. Getting back to 2015 (!) , what can we expect this year ?
We can expect that there will be many live holiday performances/concerts to be viewed in the near future.
Inna should have a new album in 2015,
Taryn Manning says,We're all going ALL THE WAY FOR LOVE! Jan 16th release! New single!
we have heard Medina talk of a new album (English or Danish?),
Leslie has hinted at new material,
Technoir have been in the studio remixing tracks,
JB Dunckel, half of the Air duo, is working on another solo project, Man of Sorrow,
a strong possibility that Julia Kovalchuk will release an album,
several former VIA Gra members have released plenty of singles without an album, including -
Tatiana Kotova, Loboda, Anna Sedokova, Eva Bushmina, Alena Vinnitskaya,..
and the obvious - VIA Gra did release two recent singles along with 4-5 other songs without an album.
Note: We are speculating about the future. As the saying goes,'shit happens'. Or it doesn't. let us have hope!
Yet we shall start the year with a clean "What's New" column, and let us add:
Paola Iezzi - a nice video and song from November,
Diffuzion - we have listened to them 'lots' through the past few years (no new material since 2013)
and Taryn Manning - for her new single ( about two weeks!).



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