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We are celebrating Twenty Years of Blestyashchie
Here is our playlist of recent songs: Blest 10 at YouTube.


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This page is completely created by cleaverb !


The Buzz - November 26, 2015

Welcome to in November 2015 !
  cleaverb would like to send you our best Happy Thanksgiving blessing !
We have so much to be thankful for in this year; it has been an exciting music adventure and we have 1 more month to celebrate. What could we see in the month of December - perhaps a new album or two, some new singles, for sure we will have tons of live videos to watch and share. Please note: the Blestyashcie video Brigada will be out in a few days via Marina.

  Today is the day for the Ukrainian M1 Music Awards , and they promise to have a great show.
Here is a text article describing who will be there and what is at stake for 2015 at
First off, their website is at, and they are advertising a live broadcast on YouTube . We do not know all the details of how to tune in on YouTube, but their official channel is at M1 television YouTube channel, and we guess that if you visit their channel at around 18:00 Kiev time there will be a link or some instructions on how to view the content.
Three candidates for Song of the Year are very familiar to us, they are:
Vera Brezhneva - Mamochka, Vremya & Steklo - Imya 505, and Potap & Nastya - Boomdiggibai.
Slightly off-topic, are these two text articles - first Tina Karol style photo and Vera Brezhneva music taste. It's a holiday, ok.

  You know we love bouncy pop or rock music, so sometimes we do not fully appreciate a ballad or a slow song at first. Eventually we will get in the mood for the new Loboda music video Loboda - Oblish, and Julia Savicheva has a new song Moy Put for which there is a fan video on YouTube at Moy Put audio/fan video.
We noticed that you can listen to Ace Of Base latest album Hidden Gems on YouTube at Ace Of Base / Hidden Gems - album.

  On November 27,1998 was the release date for the E-type album Last Man Standing. Three music videos we found from the album are Angels Crying, Here I Go Again, and Princess of Egypt. Hear the full album at Last Man Standing playlist on YouTube.

  November 28th is the birthday of Camille Jones. A few music videos from Camille are The Creeps original video,
from her latest album Did I Say I Love You (2011) The Streets and The Truth,
and the most recent single we know of is a beautiful song titled Camille Jones - All That Matters.
Camille had her first child in 2015 and she is now back to work recording a new album. Happy Birthday Camille !

nov25 -
  We have a new music video today from Loboda - Oblish,
and we are awaiting the music video from the 'new' Blest, as soon as possible we will link to it here: Blestyashchie - Brigada.
At this time, we are not aware of an official Blest YouTube channel that they have regular use of. Almost certain the video will be on VK first. In the meantime, we found this 'homemade' version of the group performing at saturdays Zolotoi Gramophone Blestyashchie - A Ya Vse Letala cell, please note the audio is not studio quality but the video shows more of the performers than the telecast video we linked to earlier. From that same YT account we have Vera Brezhneva - Dobroe Utro ZG'15,
and here is the telecast version of Gluk'oza - Nevesta ZG'15.
Over the weekend the group Total performed Byot Po Glazam live 90-x show, good to see !

  This week we have the news that Ani Lorak will tour North America in January 2016. At the present time there are 6 shows January 15-24th. There is a text article at, and today we have making of Anis' Osennya Lyubov video.
Here is another clip of Vremya & Steklo 'on the set' of their unreleased video for Pesna 404, with Alexey interviewing Nadia,
and Medina let us know that they have finished making the video for her next single We Survive. But we can't see it until 2016...

  The group Iowa released their debut album Export on November 17, 2014. We have been rockin' to Iowa ever since, and here are a few videos of Iowa performing live, starting with Iowa Ulibaisya live ZG'15,
and two songs from their A2 club show here are Iowa - Odno & To Zhe live A2 and their new single Iowa Byot Beat live A2.
That song is not on their debut album, but still a great album guys !

  Vera Brezhneva released her debut album Lyubov Spacet Mir on November 22,2010.
A few videos from the album includes: Ya Ne Igraio, Nirvana, the title track Lyubov Spacet Mir, and Pronto featuring Potap.

  November 25th is the birthday of Kim Ofstad drummer for the group D'Sound. Here are a few D'Sound videos:
the music video for D'Sound - Do I Need A Reason, D'Sound - Disco Ironic,
from their latest album Signs here is Love Like Rain audio, a live version of Lose Control live, and from July 2015 their latest single D'Sound - Dance With Me featuring J-Son, or a live version Dance With Me live.
Happy Birthday Kim !



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