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The Buzz - April 07, 2016

Welcome to in April 2016 !
  Today we have some good links. Let us 'get this party started ' First we have Maks Barskih - Zamemsia Lyubovu teaser,
Anna's single Anna Sedokova - O Tebe is doing very well, it's great to see something besides dance music, you know the music scene will heat back up . We mentioned this project a fews months ago, happy to see that they have followed through and here is the music video for Tarshin feat. Anna Sedokova - Around, another new audio from Chambao...we need to catch up with what is going on but here is Chambao - En la RaĆ­z audio, a fine album a couple of weeks ago, here is a look at Hooverphonic - EPK In Wonderland, and while we don't like violence in music videos, we do appreciate the concept behind the is a clip of Tatyana Kotova - Making of Ya Budu Silnye.
  Are you a fan of Via-Gra ? Check out the link at left for our brand new today Via-Gra Timeline. Of course, we understand that many of you 'hardcore' fans will want more, but if you are wanting to know some of the history behind the group, check it out.
The timeline is a work in progress, we will fine tune and add to it as needed. Actually, it seems like too much text, and not enough new . Okay, that was my opnion...For us, Via-Gra was not really about the 'who' was in the group. More important was the great music ! And videos. We link to a couple of live videos below.

  In the news, Nyusha will debut her new song today, a little text article at,
does she have style ..yes..check some pictures and vote your favorite (bottom right :) ) at Hello magazine,
We love her style, yeah she makes us laugh like schoolgirls and cheer when things go her way... of course there is only 1 Julia. That is Julia Kovalchuk @ 10 krasivih nog, a fine set of photos with a link to their new song at Potap & Nastya pics,
a little bit more of Tatyana here she is on Tatyana Kotova on Stohl Zakazov,
and Inna is in Mehico think maybe she likes spicy food... Inna - ontheroad #234.

  Live videos this week, we are going Via-Gra ... no blue pills required :) How about the 'one' , the only the Golden Trio live in Via-Gra - Good Morning, Papa @ Muz-tb 2003, the 2010 10th anniversary shows, first we have Via-Gra Anniversary in Kiev,
Via-Gra Anniversary in Moscow, and a television show, we have mentioned the show before, here is the 'reunion' on
Pust Govoryat with Via-Gra 2010.



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