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Updated December 2014: a few changes in our
'best albums of 2010-2020'

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For the former Blestyashchie and Via-Gra members we have added lists of singles released to their soloists bio pages.


This page is completely created by cleaverb !


The Buzz - December 13,2014

Welcome to in December 2014 !
We are all set to reveal cleaverbs' Top 5 of 2014...yet the new music keeps coming!
This has been a great year for new singles, let us start with the latest:
Anna Sedokova - Pirani, Mot feat. VIA-Gra - Kislopod,
Inna - Diggy Down, and another from her with: Morandi feat. INNA - Summer in December,
Julia Savicheva concert,, Savicheva with Serebro,
Notis Sfakianakis - Kratise me,
and did you know that you can view Tina Karols' movie on YouTube at Sila Lyubvi e Golosa.

We shall postpone the Top 5 until next time, or if we get another 5-6 videos, we will postpone it again!

We have only three more favorites to add Singles lists to their pages, Despina,Helena, and Kristina.
The singles lists are now in the performers 'native' language, hoping that it will be easier for all to search for videos. So it seems apparent that Greek is my hardest language to translate, although it is much easier to transliterate than Russian...
A new feature we are adding to those pages is a link to "search YouTube" for videos. That will come in handy when we get around to adding links to the pages. Or if the link we list expires, easy to find a new link.
We also have our "tribute pages" to update, and then we hope to update the biographical / history information.
It's been a couple of years since our last update. Hope to get all complete by Jan 1,2015, but we have a long way to go..
Hope you are having a wonderful December!


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