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The Buzz - April 27, 2015

Welcome to in April 2015 !
  Just to confirm that Veras new album Ververa will be released April 28th. We have already heard half the album via her singles of the past year: Track 1 Dobroe Utro, 2 Horoshi Den , 3 Devochka Moya , 4 4 Vremeni, 5 Bessonitsa, 6 Realnaya Zhizn, 7 Mamochka , and 8 Luna , and also track 12 Kazhdi Hochet Buit Chastlivym that was mentioned in our last post.
All of the songs listed are on Veras' VK page.
We have a 3 song concert from Yulia Savicheva with Show in Vegase.
  April 27th is the birthday of Elena Risteska, here are a few Elena videos:
Ninanajna Live at ESC Final, Sakam Po Dobro Da Te Pamtam, Najdobro Do Sega (with Lambe),
and a 'blond' Elena with Elena Risteska kao Britney Spears ( I'm a slave 4 you ) - Tvoje lice zvuci poznato.
Happy Birthday Elena !

April 26  
  We have a couple of new songs this month that we haven't linked to as of yet, starting with Molly - Holy Molly,
Serebro have just announced that they will have a new single titled Kiss next week (?).
Elena Temnikovas new single is Navstrachu, hear the radio edit version at,
Lobodas new song is Pora Domoy which can also be heard on,
Chandeens new video is Wake Up, Starbuck, Bassic also has a new video for Desmodrome,
and Katya Lyel has a lyric video for Gamma-Beta.
A great new song, 3 SUD EST feat. INNA - Mai Stai which can be heard on, or a Mai Stai teaser video.
  Vera Brezhneva has a new album titled Ververa which is either out or will be out this week. You can hear the lead song Mamochka or Kazhdi Hochet Buit Chastlivym both on .
And one more interesting video, we have a live performance by Blestyaschie of their new song, Ne Otdavi Menya Nikomu which you can see on Marina Berezhnayas VK page. Just scroll down to April 25th post.

We choose our favorites not only based on talent; hard work is a part of their daily lives. There is a nice video for Tal A L'infiniti tour episode 9 which really reminds you of the people 'behind the scenes' and the activities associated with being on tour; and finally we have a fine look at some of the preparations for Tina Karols tour at Repetitsia video.
Because sometimes, these wonderful performers make it appear so 'easy' to get up on stage, sing, dance and have a great time while doing so... thank you for all your hard work and devotion. we truly appreciate your efforts !

April 20  
Today we have the video for Ani Loraks - Korabli, a video from Tina Karol - Tse Ti, and a live version of Serebro performing Holy Molly - For Ma Ma - X Factor. We have an Ace of Base interview with Hi-Fi Scenen Talks, Bassic has a new album VOCO which you can listen to the music at , and Da Buzz have a remake (with video) of Alive 2015.
  April 20th is the birthday of Zeljko Joksimovich, who is one of the best composers of this era. Here is Zeljko with his first Eurovision entry, from 2004 - Lane Moje live, a couple of singles Devojka and Ljubavi live,
his 2012 live performance of Nije Ljubav Stvar, and just uploaded is this new song for 2015, Zeljko - Arija.
Happy Birthday Zeljko !

April 16  
We have a teaser video for Ani Lorak - Korabli,
a new video from Sopho Khalvashi - Sopho Khalvashi - Forgotten King Soundtrack ,
or if you want to hear Katya Lels' new single Gamma-Beta, hear it at
  April 16th is the birthday of Nadya Ruchka from the group Blestyashchie. To us, Nadya is the rhythm and energy of Blestyashchie; the best dancer and a beautiful person. Here is Nadya with Blest in Blestyashchie, Miliy Moi live 2012,
Zima na ntb, we always liked this tropical theme of Za Chetyre Morya live, lots of 'wiggle' in Za Chetyre live, and going back a few years to a solo photoshoot with Nadya 2009. A more recent upload of Cooking with Nadya vkusno.
We sincerely wish you a Happy Birthday Nadya !

April 10  
  Alright, there was a misprint in our previous post, the new song by Katya Lel is titled Gamma-Beta, hear it on her VK.
We have a recent, live video of Yulia Savicheva with Mayaki,
and we have news that Da Buzz will release an EP album titled The Uncovered EP on April 20th.
  A couple of birthdays, on April 9th we have the birthday of Albina Dzhanabaeva, here is Albina with Kapli live,
with Via-Gra in Pocelui, and her recent single Nadoeli. Happy Birthday Albina !
  April 10th is the birthday of Nadezhda Granovskaya-Maiher, here is Nadya in Via-Gra with Popitka Nomer Pyat, Biologiya,
her solo singles Delo Ne V Tele, Tango Vozvrasheniya, and her latest, Ostansia. Happy Birthday Nadia !

April 07  
It has been pretty quiet the past few weeks, but we wanted to take the time to say that we have heard a fine new song from Katya Lel titled Alpha-Beta,
Kate Ryan has some good videos of her live performances on her FaceBook page.
DaBuzz have a new remix of The Moment I Found You , hear a clip of it on
There is a story about Ace of Base on, hey that's about as big time as it gets for entertainment news today.
  April 7th is the birthday of Johnny Sjo from the group D'Sound. Here is Johnny with D'Sound in concert, catch more videos on Johnnys' YouTube, or the new(?) D'Sound Youtube. Happy Birthday Johhny !

April 02  
With in the past few days Hooverphonic made an announcement, and this is no April Fools day prank:
"Dear fans, in mutual agreement Hooverphonic and Noémie Wolfs have decided to end their collaboration.
Alex and Raymond want to thank Noémie for the past five years and wish her all the best for the future.
We thank you for your support and we will keep you posted on our future plans."
  They were doing great since she joined the group, and it's a surprise to hear of the personel change. Maybe their last album seemed almost 'too simplistic', but it still has gone platinum despite many a critics review.

  April 2nd is the birthday of Eva Bushmina, here is Eva with Via-Gra and the song Allo Mam, Via-Gra - Poshol Von,
Eva Bushminas first solo artist single Soboy and the popular video Religiya. Happy Birthday Eva !
  Keren Woodward from the group Bananarama also has a birthday on April 2nd.
Here is Bananarama and the classic songs Cruel Summer and Venus. Happy Birthday Karen !

April 01  
I'll tell ya, once we get temperatures around 80º (27ºC) ,winter is over! Enjoying great weather, hope you can do the same..
We have a few new videos , starting with Olga (Koryagina) Romanovskaya new song Krasivie Slova,
a couple of live songs from the Yuna awards starts with Loboda - Ne Nuzhna, and El Kravchuk Nadya Granovskaya Dolya.
We also have a video of Gisela singing Nunca se ama de un modo igual,
and Kate Ryan with her first official attempt at rap music with Hoe klinkt de 'iFoon' van Kate Ryan?.
JB Dunkel, which you know as 'half the duo of Air' gave us a link to hear his The Man of Sorrow ep at

Of course March 32 is the birthday of Paola Iezzi , most famous as part of the duo of Paola and Andchia Ra , who never made any music videos. But here is one of Paolas favorite videos at Christine and The Queens - Saint Claude, one of our favorite songs of this millenium Paola and Chiara - Vamos a bailar (esta vida nueva), Paola Iezzi as a solo artist with Get Lucky,
Se Perdo Te, and a new audio from Paola, a cover of the A-ha song The Sun Always Shines On Tv . Happy Birthday Paola !




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