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The Buzz - March 1, 2015

Welcome to in March 2015 !
  It's coming: St Pattys Day, first day of Spring; the days are getting longer, time to think green!
We want to start with a few links to clear out our February news: first we have a review of the winners at the ZD Awards 2014 - text story at -, and the photo gallery on the same website at

  A few new links , starting with the video for BYNON & Taryn Manning - All The Way,
Ani is very busy these days - we can't keep up with all her activities - here is an audio for Ani Lorak - Korabli,
we didn't check to see if the other link we gave is still active, here is a new link for Nadya Granovskaya - Ostansiya,
and two links for Anna Sedokova on Besna FM 'live' - Serdse v Bintak, and Pirani.

  March 1st is Anna Semenovich birthday, we have several links to her recent activities, so let's get to those:
these sound so good, we thought she was lip-syncing, but no, they are live vocals - Otpusti live, Taksi live,
and here is a fine song with Dmitri Malikov - 25 Chasov at youtube, or on,
a few words from Anna 11 seconds,
Anna recently said that her current project (was that the word she used, project?) is Otpusti audio on soundcloud,
and we can't forget Anna with Blestyashchie - Agent 007. Happy Birthday Anna !

  And speaking of Blestyashchie; their recent show brought more activity than we have seen in months.
We collected 10 photos of the girls at the show from 5 or 6 different websites. Then the thought occurred that it would be 'awesome' if they were all together in a gallery, which you can see at the The photographs are listed in a column, but when you click on a photo it opens a slideshow.
  There are more birthdays this week :
Per Liden of Da Buzz on March 3rd,
Anna Dubovitskaya (former Blestyashchie) and Tatiana Bulanova both on March 6th.



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