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The Buzz - February 8, 2016

Welcome to in February 2016 !
  It has been 3 days of ...well we call it a "Blest-Fest" . We get in the mood for something from the worlds greatest
all-girl group: Blestyashchie! Yay, we made it out alive again ! It's as if your mom locked you in your room, and you cannot come out until all of your homework is done. But we did it ! Wha..what are you talking about, fool ? Find the link at left for the Blestyashchie Timeline. Twenty two pages of fun, not to mention beautiful gals, great music , and a little history. The link is for the 'index page', just click on one of the dates or numbers to view any of the pages. Then, there is navigation inside each page without having to go back to the index. Yea, that's how it should be...
  We are waiting for the new Loboda video, here is a Loboda - k Chertu Lyubov teaser video,
Inna has a gift for you: In recognition of over 1 billion views on YouTube, thank you (!) here is Inna - Rondez Vous,
and what can we say; you have heard the song, you love the song, a new video for Te100sterone - Eto Ne Zhenshina.
  Let us review some new videos from last week; we were watching the play count for these two,
Tatyana Kotova - Tantsui and Ani Lorak - Uderzhi Moy Serdse and comparing it to the new Inna video.
It looks like Tatyana Kotova wins this round... but Ani is on the charts much higher.
A new song in february already 'tearing up the charts' here is Lena Temnikova - Revnost.

  In the news, on February 8th Helena Paparizou will debut a new song in Greece titled Misi Kardia. There is an audio on VK for the Nu Angels song Higher, a text article about Ani Loraks new video at, and here is an interview with Serebro Feb 7th.
We hope to get 2 new songs this week; Medina - We Survive (12th) and Maks Barskih - Zamemsia Lyubovu (14th).
And it is that time of year, Valentines day , and the Big Love show will be in St. Pete the 12th and Moscow the 14th.
Look forward to some video links ...

  Live videos this week from sundays Party Zone show, here is Julia Kovalchuk - Stat Chuzhimi & v Diim live,
Yulianna Karaulova - Vneorbitnye & Hyuston live, and also T-killah live. The music video for T-Killah & Vera Brezhneva - Etazhi
just went over 2 million views. From a photoshoot, here is an interesting look at Nyusha @ peopletalk, and we end this paragraph with a two hour video of performances from Zolotoi Gramafon part II.

  On February 4, 2010 Russkoe Radio ran a story about the song Shar from Blestyashchie being 'stolen' by a sound engineer and leaked to the internet. Then on February 8th they gave us this story - Blestyashchie 15 year anniversary text.
Not sure if the audio track is still found on YouTube, but this performance sounds alot like the original song, with 'live backing' vocals at Blestyashchie - Shar live @2010, and in full costume here is Blest - Shar live Subbotniy Vecher July 9,2011, or if you prefer here is the official music video for Blestyashchie - Shar. Great song, too bad for the unfortunate events.

  February 7th is the birthday of Anita Tsoy . We have three new music videos featuring music from her new album
Bez Veschey here are Nikotin, Istoria Odnoy Podpisi and Anita Tsoy - Otpuskala. It is a fine album, not 'too loud' yet it has a good rock flavor and really is great background music while you are just hanging out.
  Happy Birthday Anita Tsoy !

  February 6, 2014 was the release date for the Tina Karol album Pomnu . A couple of music videos from the album includes the title track Tina Karol - Pomniu, Tina Karol - Zhizn Prodolzhaetsya, and Tina Karol - Udelyaous.
It's a short album, only 7 songs and they are all on the official Tina YouTube channel, but for your convenience
here is a Tina Karol / Pomniu full album playlist.



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