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We are celebrating Twenty Years of Blestyashchie
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The Buzz - March 26, 2015

Welcome to in March 2015 !
Today we have the video for Tatyana Kotova - Nevernaya, a surprising treat for the week. Tatyana also posed for Maxim magazine and you can see a video at Mama Mia!.
Diskoteka Avaria have a new video for their single Samyi, Ace of Base have uploaded a 5 part documentary titled The Story which you can watch at Ace of Base - The Story part 1.
  There are plenty of new projects coming 'soon' , such as Veras new duet, which all we have is a 20 second clip (so far),
Olga Romanovskaya will debut her new song Krasivye Slova at 16:00 today on musicbox,
Kate Ryan has a new song, a remake of Junebug ; as of this writing we haven't heard or seen the song online,
Katya Lel has a new song Gamma-Beta which will be out in early April,
JB Dunkel from Air has been woking on some new material,
D'Sound have been auditioning new music for their record label,
and Tereza Kerndlova has promised that she will be working on new material soon.

  March 26 is the birthday for Anastasia Kozhevnikova of the group Via-Gra.
Here is a video montage of Anastasia, her audition on Want in Via-Gra, C Dnom Rozhdeniya Nastya!!, and also on the official Via-Gra youtube channel there is a fan video for their new single Eto Builo Prekrasno (fan video). Happy Birthday Anastasia !

March 20   If spring is your favorite season of the year; you have arrived ! Springtime begins with a gentle,warm breeze.
We have not 1, not 2, but 3 brand new singles this week !
First up, we have Anna Semenovich with a lyric video for Otpusty, nice lyrics and fine vocals,
VIA-Gra has a new single Via-Gra - Eto Bilo Prekrasno, what a wonderful, reflective mood for spring,
and Tatyana Kotova has fantastic new single Nevernaya which you can hear at,, or her VK page.
Tatyana related a few details about the writing of, and recording of Nevernaya on that VK page, which has a dance rhythm and more vocal than her more recent material. The effort was worth it, as this song is my instant favorite from Kotova.
  Anna Sedokova gives us a link for her Making of Tishe video,
it has been awhile since we shared a Kristina Orbakaite live video,
the sexy duo of Veronika and Daniella perform Twiins live, catch Alyona Vinnitskayas latest show at,
and be prepared to fall in love with Blestyashchie, in their show live at Trianon nightclub on March 8, 2015.
That link is for rutube, which we have had a few problems with 'viewing outside of russia prohibited' , but that link works fine.
  We are celebrating 20 years of Blestyashchie, hey we wanted to share Blest - Sveti official video, and we have some great news.
  We have word that Julia Kovalchuk (not Yulia, time to edit some stuff) will be releasing her debut album, titled JK2015.
Julia is best known for her 7 years with group Blestyashchie; she is a fine dancer and an even better singer. In those years we saw what a great rapport she has with audiences at live events, and she does have a loyal fanbase. We are not sure of what expectations are for this album, but we are behind your efforts, all the way (from America, with love).

  March 21st is the birthday of Jonas Berggren, the 'older brother' of Ace of Base, if you will. Always enjoy an ocasional aob jam, here is a great song for spring, or anytime of the year - Life is a Flower,
always liked the video where Jonas walks on stage with an accoustic guitar, can't find it but here is the song Lucky in Love,
a little something that gets you 'out of your chair' and moving (maybe?) Always Have, Always Will, It's a Beautiful Life, and from their recent incarnation Ace of Base - All For You. Happy Birthday Jonas !
Jenny Berggren will be performing Ace of Base material at an April 18th concert at Olympic stadium in Moscow(?) this year.

March 17   Happy St Pattys Day!
  We have a new single from Julia Savicheva - Prosti,
and this years entry for Russia in Eurovision is Polina Gagarina - A Million Voices.
We have heard that Julia Kovalchuk will have a music video for her new single V Deem , here is a live set with
Julia Kovalchuk and Alexiy Chumakov show in Vegas,
a few more live videos : Anna Sedokova with Serdse b Bintah, Tina Karol live with A Vse Evo Lyublu,
and Stoja "A Sto Ne Bi Moglo" {Uzivo} 11/03/2015.

Going back to the February zd awards, here is another view of the Blest medley live, and on the same account is a video of Anna Semenovich Ya Za Toboy.
  Elena Temnikova, or Lena has a contest on her Facebook page to find details about her new maxi-single scheduled for an April 7th release.
We have heard that Vera Berezhnaya is working on a new duet with Aleksandr Kogan titled Kazhdy Hochet,
Olga Romanovskaya may have a new song pretty soon, and/or a new ...what-was-that-about,
Blestyashchie have a new song, Ne Otdavai Menya Nikomu, and they have performed it live a few times,
Medina has been recording new music, she has said that her next album will be English language,
Helena Paparizou will have an English version of her latest single Angel out in April.
  In review - New this year music videos -
Loboda - Ne Nuzhna, Meseda Bagaudinova - Peresecheniya, Nadya Granovskaya - Ostansiya,
Tina Karol - Ya Vse Esho Lyublu, Anna Sedokova & Monatik - Tishe, Taryn & Bynon - All The Way,

March 11   Today we have the official video for Anna Sedokova & Monatik - Tishe, and they recently did a live version at Tishe live.
the official video for Irma & TaL - Streets Of Philadelphia, Jonas & Ulf discuss their new songs on Ace of Base YouTube
a remix of HouseTwins feat Helena Paparizou - Love Till It's Over (Hit The Bass Remix),
or maybe you would like to read about the making of Ne Nuzhna at
Plenty of live performances coming out this week, here is Gluk'oza - Zachem, Helena Paparizou - Otan Aggeli Klene live,
Julia Savicheva & Alexander Biynov covering Gluk'ozas Oy Oy!, Stoja live with her new single Lila Lila on TVGrand,
and D'Sound - Lose Control live.

March 11th is the Birthday of Marina Berezhnaya, the 'newest' member of Blestyashchie. Or is Ksenia more new ? mmm
Here is some early Marina with Blest: Odnoklasniki 2010, Blest & Amiga - Novi God, Geroy & Blest - Iz Chevo Zhe,
Miliy Moy 2011, and something more recent at Blest - Party Zone 2013.
Blest is 'on tour' ; the tour that never ends, (come to america !) we hope. Happy Birthday Marina !

March 9   We had seen the adverts for Julia Kovalchuks' Muz show, then we were completely surprised by her new single vDeem ! Getting back to the show, Julia performed 3 songs in this video Muz tv Party Zone 03 08 2015, the first song is interesting .. we don't know the title. The second song is her new single V Deem, it begins around the 4 minute mark, and ends with Mohito..wonderful to see her show and a mature, new song.
One more time , the link for Loboda - Ne Nuzhna.
  Here is a video of Ani Lorak performing her new single Korabli live, we also found a 'new' song for Ani , we are not certain if this is new or if it was just uploaded: Ani Lorak - Spacibo is the title and it's a solid platinum ballad (if it is new). How many times we have found old 'new' songs and really enjoyed them, but we can't find Spacibo by Ani on any albums.
  Julia Savicheva gives us a live version of Nevesta,
Helena Paparizou sounds fantastic singing Rise Like A Phoenix,
and a real treat for you: a 90 minute Tina Karol concert at Sila Lyubvi & Golosa.
  Birthdays this week: the lovely Marina Berezhnaya on March 11th.

  We are celebrating Blest - Fest: Twenty Years of Blestyashchie on and our special today is a listen to singles released by the group, that have not been released on an album.
Here is our playlist on YouTube: Blest 10. We wanted to just have audio, but some are music videos and live performances that we could find on YT. That is our exact playlist at home, without 7 remixes .
The name "10" is for the fact that they have released 9 albums to date, including 2 greatest hits and 1 remix album.




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